eduhub days 2023

February 15, 2023 - February 16, 2023

University of Lausanne

Fostering the Future of Higher Education Together!

Higher education is facing the continuous development of technology, collaboration, and living together in a society. This has an impact on teaching and learning at universities. New methods and didactic approaches are needed to prepare tomorrow's experts for future challenges.

On February 15 and 16, 2023, the e-learning community of Swiss Higher Education will be meeting live at the University of Lausanne (UNIL) to develop its / their own vision. Get to know organizations, their activities and projects at the “Marketplace”. Exchange ideas and experiences at a “Walk the Talk”. Be inspired by top speakers and hear what visions today's students have. The varied program provides the opportunity to network, connects, inspires and offers space for exchanging ideas, experiences and the development of solutions. Coffee breaks, lunches and a dinner provide energy, enjoyment and stimulating conversations.

What's new eduhub days 2023?

Walk the Talk

A lot has happened in our community in the last two years. We have faced new challenges and technologies, People have left the community, and new People have joined us.

As the latest two «eduhub days» took place virtually, we would like to take the opportunity in 2023 to exchange ideas and get to know each other again on-site.

For this purpose, we will introduce the new «Walk the Talk» format. The idea is to engage in active listening, inquiry and generative conversation. You will go on a one-hour walk in small groups while discussing a specific question.

Here is how a Walk the Talk works:

  • Participants will be divided into groups of four, with participants they don't know yet or have not engaged much with.
  • Groups go outside and note the time the Walk the Talk starts.
  • The first person will then have 5 minutes to address the prompt that was given to his or her group before each of the 3 other members have 2 and a half minutes to share their reactions and add question before the first person takes 2 last minutes to conclude.
  • After a first round, we will be starting a new round with participant n°2 as a starter.
  • After everyone has spoken, they can reflect on how the process was for each of them.
  • When everyone returns to the plenary room, the facilitator asks for some reflection and insights.


For this edition of eduhub days 2023, we have chosen to offer an open marketplace rather than parallel sessions.

During the two market place sessions, you will have the opportunity to discover, via the stands animated by the members of our community, all the projects and reflections that they will have chosen to share with us and to be able to discuss them freely and in a relaxed atmosphere.

Our marketplace participants:

1) "Transmitting Basic Skills: Why and How?"

- Mr Jean Terrier, Digital Literacies, University of Basel

2) "The path to digital awareness: what is USI doing for its teachers, students and administrative collaborators?"

- Ms Anda Andrijanic, eLearning Lab, Università della Svizzera Italiana

3) "A "Threshold" Self-paced Online Training for Teaching Staff"

- Ms Jade Wang Szilas and Ms Patrizia Birchler Emery, Centre for Continuing and Distance Education, Université de Genève

4) "Presentation of the new Learning Lab at the University of Freiburg (context, missions, activities, etc.)."

- Ms Laura Molteni, New Technologies and Education, University of Freiburg

5) "Videos in Education"

- Mr Christian Vonarburg, Center for digital education, EPFL

6) "Current activities and outcomes from the P8-Digital Skills project "Transversal Computational Thinking and Responsible Use of Data"".

- Ms Cécile Hardebolle, Center for digital education, EPFL

7) "Swiss MOOC Service course platform"

- Ms Annechien Helsdingen, Center for digital education, EPFL

8) "Presentation of the P8 Future University Project"

- Ms Annabelle Peringer, Centre de soutien à l’enseignement (CSE),

Université de Lausanne & UniDistance Suisse

9) "Security? Complete your set of digital skills."

- Ms Cornelia Puhze, Mr Fabio Greiner, Security Awareness, SWITCH

10) "This session presents (and discusses) elements of a student journey (one semester) that was crafted applying game based design principles".

- Mr Wolfgang Rathert, Digital Customer Experience, Hochschule Luzern

11) "SIB e-learning courses on bioinformatics".

- Ms Monique Zahn, Biodata Resources Support & Training, SIB Swiss Institute of


12) "CodeExpert - a versatile platform for conducting and assessing programming courses".

- Mr Markus Dahinden, Departement Informatik, ETH Zürich

13) "Video services of SWITCH"

- Mr Markus Buerer, Collaboration Team, SWITCH

14) "Mediaservices of SWITCH (SWITCHcast/tube)"

- Mr Matthias Spirig, Collaboration Team, SWITCH

15) "Open Educational Resources in Higher Ed"

- Ms Yvonne Klein, Open Educational Resource, ZHAW Zürcher Hochschule für

Angewandte Wissenschaften

16) "Impact and Challenges of Gamified Learning in Higher Education: Learning app "Brian" at University of St.Gallen. Talk with us about our experiences, share your thoughts and discuss feature ideas to shape the future of education."

- Mr Samuel Heer, Teaching Innovation Lab, University of St. Gallen

17) "Interactive Teaching with the use of Story Nodes"

- Ms Katrine Thuesen, FFHS

Highlights of the 1st Day




Etienne Wenger-Trayner
Thought leader in the field of social learning

Etienne Wenger-Trayner is a globally recognized thought leader in the field of social learning. His early books include: Situated Learning, where the term “community of practice” was coined; Communities of Practice, about the theory; and Cultivating Communities of Practice, for practitioners. Etienne is a sought-after consultant and one of the most cited authors in the social sciences. His more recent books, coauthored with Beverly Wenger-Trayner, further the theory and practice of social learning: Learning in Landscapes of PracticeLearning to make a differenceSystems Convening, and the Communities of practice guidebook. Etienne and Beverly recently founded the Social Learning Lab.

Manu Kapur
Professorship for Learning Sciences and Higher Education

Manu holds the Professorship for Learning Sciences and Higher Education at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, and directs The Future Learning Initiative (FLI) at ETH Zurich. An ETH+ funded initiative, the FLI brings together more than 20 professors from 10 departments at ETH to advance research on the science of teaching and learning in higher education contexts, and translate it into the practice of teaching and learning at ETH Zurich.

Jacqueline Gasser-Beck
Leiterin Teaching Innovation Lab, HSG

Jacqueline Gasser-Beck, lic. iur. EMBA HSG is heading the "Teaching Innovation and Media Lab" at the University of St.Gallen. Her team supports lecturers in developing innovative digital teaching formats.

After studying law at the University of Zurich, she worked as a researcher at the University of St.Gallen and at Harvard Law School before working as executive director for the Programs in Law at the HSG for four years. In 2008 she joined "Swissnex Boston", developing events and projects in the field of science communication for Swiss universities. After this second period abroad, she returned to Switzerland to become the executive director of the "Institute for Law and Legal Practice". While working in the field of continuing education for lawyers she developed her passion for exploring new ways of teaching, finally leading to establish the Teaching Innovation Lab at the University of St.Gallen.

Jacqueline Gasser-Beck has more than 20 years of experience in the field of Higher Education.

Giorgia Jaccard-Mora
Instructional designer eLab USI

Giorgia is currently working as Instructional designer at eLab (USI – Università della Svizzera italiana) where she is involved in several eLearning projects. Since March 2021 she is a certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator.


Tereza Karagülle
eduhub Community Manager

Tereza heads the Digital Communication and Events Team (Marketing) at SWITCH.

Her second professional responsibility is managing the eduhub Community. In her role as eduhub Community Manager, she is responsible for the organization of the eduhub days, the coordination of all Special Interest Group Meetings, as well as the alignment of the Swiss Academic Moodle Community (SAMoo).

If she is not passionately working for the HiEd Community you can find her travelling through Portugal while knitting. 


Giorgio Zanetti
Vice-rector for education University of Lausanne

Giorgio Zanetti is vice-rector for education of the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, since 2016. He is also Chief Physician at the University Hospital of Lausanne.

He graduated as MD at the University of Lausanne and got a Master of science in clinical epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health. He is a board-certified physician in infectious diseases and in internal medicine.

As a full professor at the Faculty of Biology of Medicine at the University of Lausanne, he teaches the epidemiology of infections and clinical infectiology. He has been Director of the Medical School of this Faculty. His research focuses on prevention and control of healthcare-associated infections and on optimization of antibiotic use in the context of growing bacterial resistance.

Jean-François Van de Poël
Deputy Director for digital affairs University of Lausanne

Jean-François Van de Poël is Deputy Director for digital affairs of the Centre de Soutien à l'Enseignement at the University of Lausanne. He has been active in the field of educational technologies in higher education for 20 years. During this period, he has held various positions, including educational designer, virtual campus manager and MOOC project manager in several institutions. He holds masters degrees in educational sciences, educational technologies and higher education pedagogy, and is particularly interested in the fields of teacher professional development, educational multimedia and the hybridization of educational practices.


University of Lausanne

1015 Lausanne

Plan of the University

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